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Best Kdrama OST Songs from the First Half of 2020

I’ve watched my handful of drama’s so far this year and if you know me personally, you know I LOVE music. I have a different playlist for every month with different songs, and I’ve been doing that since January of 2017. I’m naturally drawn to the Original Sound Tracks of Kdramas. Here’s my list of favorite OST songs so far this year!

  1. Flower – Yoon Mirae
Listen to this song when driving and I kid you not you will feel like the lead actress of a Kdrama who just realized how much she loves the leading man, and she decides to head to the airport to stop her leading man before he leaves forever!

2. But It’s Destiny – 10cm

This song makes me feel like its afternoon in January, it’s cold, but everything is still alright, the year still looks hopeful.

3. Sunset – Davichi

This song makes want to finally fall in love with the right one, and just experience all of the emotions of being there for someone.

4. Special – Yubin

This song feels like a lonely drive in the rain, wishing he hadn’t broken my heart, who? No clue because no one has broken my heart as of recent!

5. Here I Am Again – Yerin Baek

The perfect song for long distance relationships.

6. The Hill of Yearning – April 2nd

Makes me yearn for the North Korean village in this drama, and also for January, when this drama wasn’t yet over, and I still dreamt of running through the hills of Switzerland in 2021.

7. Sigriswil – Kim Kyoung Hee

This song is perfect for going on a walk, and imagining yourself in Switzerland, picture it, you’re happy, there is no corona, the air is clean, life is hopeful.

8. The Song For My Brother – Nam Hye Sung, Park Sang Hee

A beautiful instrumental to calm your heart from anxiety.

9. Slowly Fall – Ha Hyunsang

Perfect background music for a nice Monday afternoon, just lounging on the couch, or for a calm cleaning day.

10. Who I Strolled With – Poetic Narrator

The perfect song to listen to when you miss someone, a place, or just a time period that is now gone.

11. Together Again – Nam Hye Sung, Park Sang Hee, Kim Kyoung Hee

This instrumental song sounds like an absolutely peaceful, perfect morning.

12. All Day Long – Kyu Hyun

A song for those who have someone to love, or to imagine you do (ha!)

13. Orbit – Hwa Sa

A song to play loudly when you’re feeling frustrated and like you’re living those episodes in a Kdrama where its just conflict after conflict.

14. Gravity – Kim Jong Wan

This one is just a good OST song, dramatic, dark and all.

15. Please Don’t Cry – Davichi

The queens are just too good at singing emotional songs.