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Top 5 Korean Dramas To Watch This Summer 2020

I want to start of by saying: I know it’s not summer everywhere. However, here in Southern California, we are finally entering summer time. Usually our summers here on the coast in SoCal consist of spending time at the beach, working on our tans (or avoiding them in my case), drinking plenty of iced coffees and iced teas, going out to eat with friends and exploring LA for fun. COVID-19 has changed all our plans for this year though. How will I be spending my summer? Probably going to the beach but avoiding being near others, wearing my mask every time I go out and making my iced drinks at home and of course, watching a BRAND NEW KDRAMA, because sadly the one I was watching right now has come to an end (The King: Eternal Monarch Review right here).

Here’s a list of a couple of Kdramas that are airing this summer! (or Winter ha!).

  1. Backstreet Rookie
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Release Date: June 19th
Where You Can Watch: DramaCool

So this drama is based off of a webtoon, which means it will either be great, or lack in some aspects. It’s starring the oh so popular Ji Chang Wook, who will be playing a 29 year old man named Dae Hyun who was a public relations director who leaves his job and somehow ends up managing a convenience store (I wonder why the downgrade). Young actress Kim Yoo Jung also stars in this drama as a 22 year old named Saet Byul, who ends up working part time for Dae Hyun.

Going to be real honest with all of you readers, this drama doesn’t seem my style, and I may be skipping it. However, for those who love a little comedy, silliness, and lightheartedness this might be the perfect Kdrama for you to watch this summer. Also, side note, but apparently the television channel (based here in the US) Lifetime invested money on this drama! Strange right? Perhaps I will give it a chance just to see if it was worth their investment into the Kdrama world.

2. It’s Okay, Not To Be Okay/ Psycho But It’s Okay

Photo Source: AsianWiki

Release Date: June 20th
Where You Can Watch: Netflix

This drama has been on my look out for list for awhile because it’s Kim Soo Hyun’s first Kdrama in 5 long years. This drama is about a man who works as a caretaker at a psychiatric ward, and a woman who suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder, who also happens to be a popular children’s book author (I wonder if her creativity comes from her disorder). Will these two opposites fall in love? Could it be the lead actress isn’t crazy at all? Or will it be a drama about coping with your mental illness to teach us a lesson that “It’s Okay, Not To Be Okay?” We will have to wait and find out. As for me, I will definitely be replacing The King: Eternal Monarch with this one.

3. Was It Love/ We Were In Love

Photo Source: AsianWiki

Release Date: July 8th
Where You Can Watch: TBA

There’s still a lot of details left to revealed about this drama and the other last two since they won’t be released until July.

This drama’s lead character will be played by the wonderful Song Ji Hyo who is still looking flawless at age 39. She will be playing the character of a single mom, who hasn’t been in the dating scene for a good 14 years but happens to end up with 4 very different men trying to win her heart, will she give love another chance? Which man, out of the 4, will be the winner of her heart?

This drama is also not exactly my style, but I know this is definitely a drama for an older audience. Song Ji Hyo is a great actress, so this drama could potentially be a good one, I think I will wait on more teasers to see if this is a drama I want to invest my time on.

4. Graceful Friends

Photo Source: AsianWik

Release Date: July 10th
Where You Can Watch: TBA

This drama’s teaser and promotional poster gives me shivers. Looks like it will be a very mysterious thriller drama.

This drama is following a popular trend going on in the Kdrama world, where the cast of many recent popular dramas are all mature adults, and well-seasoned actors, and the plots are more on the darker side.

Centered around a group of friends, several couples in their 40’s who are living a peaceful life until they all become somehow involved in a murder case, and nothing is ever the same for them again.

As for me, I most likely will not be watching this drama, I need a drama to take my life’s stress away not add more! However for those who love dramas that keep you on the edge of your seat and love the thrill, this might just be your drama for summer/winter of 2020!

5. Men are Men

Photo Source: Kdrama Pal

Release Date: July 6th
Where You Can Watch: TBA

I watched the teaser for this drama, and I was dying from laughter at the relatability.

“Those who are determined NOT to marry, actually get married first”

This drama is about a woman who believes men are all the same, so she declares that she wants to be happily single forever, and the moment she does she ends up receiving two love confessions!

You have to watch the first teaser of this drama for yourself, it is hilarious! I will definitely be on the look out for more teasers for this drama. If you can relate to this whole single for life situation, perhaps this will be a drama you will enjoy as well!