About Me!

Hello my name is Carolina! I am so excited to be writing this very first blog and introducing myself to *hopefully* people who also have a love for all things Korean dramas!

At a restaurant at the Namsan tower in Seoul!
October of 2019

My kdrama journey began back in January of 2012, when my cousin Gaby told me to check out an amazing show on this website (RIP) called DramaFever! I was a tad skeptical at first, the website looked sketchy and the show she wanted me to watch was in Korean! I knew absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing about Koreans. When I jumped into the kdrama world, it was life changing! I learned about a completely different culture to mine (I’m Mexican) and learned little by little about their customs, food, language and about the beautiful country that is Korea. I became OBSESSED. I quickly jumped into Kpop too, for I think that is a little bit inevitable when you watch Korean dramas since the OST’s usually feature some amazing songs, and some singers from kpop groups sometimes get casted in these dramas too. Soon enough I found myself with all the other Kdrama and kpop lovers in my school meeting up for “Kpop club” during lunch! What did we do in this “club”?  All we did was watch music videos on the big screens we had at the time in the classroom they let us use. Ah! Such great memories! If I could go back! 🥺

My kdrama obsession continued into college where I made a friend who was also watching the same drama as me, his name was Marco, we talked about the 2013 drama that was airing at the time called The Heirs at almost any possible moment we could during our Communications class. I realized even guys were into kdramas too! 

There did come a moment though, a moment we probably have all gone through where we tried to quit kdramas. I tried to, I really did but no matter what, I kept coming back. Dramas are just these wonderful escapes from the real world, I had to learn to watch dramas in moderation, that is the key to success. If you watch them in moderation you can still enjoy a good drama and head to drama world, but still enjoy your real life too and make the most of your time! 

In October of 2019, I finally took a trip to The Land of Kdramas, South Korea, and let me tell you, it looks just like the kdramas, so dreamy, picturesque and beautiful, the only thing missing was my leading man! 

After coming back from South Korea, I have come to love dramas even more, because even if I am miles away in Southern California, I can escape for 2 hours to the place I wish I could call home! 

So if you love Korean dramas as much as I do, please follow me along on this journey to spread that very love to everyone else who may still be missing out

LoveAsAlways – Me

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